Introducing YouTube Trends Dashboard

The YouTube Trends Dashboard is here! This could possibly be one of this year’s best Christmas present of 2010. This digital marketing tool is going to help digital marketers to see the trends of a complete different audience.

The Features of YouTube Trends Dashboard

YouTube has been kind to us by creating the YouTube Trends Dashboard which lets you view the most shared and most viewed videos by country, by age and by gender.

There is also an awesome feature where you can compare trending videos, which lets you compare the videos using different criteria. This feature can be very interesting as you visually see which videos are trending in which countries and then compare. Also, different videos that appeal to different age groups. Finally, compare videos that appeal to different genders. See screen shot below:

YouTube Trends Dashboard in Action

YouTube Trends Dashboard in Action Using The Compare Feature. Notice the different geographics/demographics.

On the YouTube Trends official blog, they say:

Trends will also have billboard-style charts, cool data visualizations, and features highlighting what the YouTube ecosystem can tell us about major events as they unfold. As the project evolves, it will act as a laboratory for our engineers and staff to test out new ways of uncovering, displaying, and providing context for important or interesting video trends.

This is going to be massive as this tool is just going to improve and get better and better as it evolves.

YouTube is no longer seen as just a place for entertainment and information, but it’s a way for us to understand each other around the globe. Different cultures express themselves differently. This also goes for different age gender groups.

Imagine you want to target a specific market and you want to understand their behaviour? YouTube Trends is possibly the best place you will understand their behaviour first hand, as videos that are uploaded are created by the consumers themselves.

YouTube Trends Dashboard: Final Thoughts

I would advice that you keep this tool under heavy guard and observe its evolution over the coming year as it will become a powerful digital marketing tool. The YouTube Trends Dashboard gives you powerful insights that should not be missed during your market research.

Now let’s go and check out what’s trending over at the YouTube Trends Dashboard!

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