Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing. Who Will Win?

I thought I’d share this piece of interesting discovery that I made on Google Trends.

I was interested to find out how the popularity of Digital Marketing has affected Internet Marketing. You might ask “what’s the difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing?” and “Why even bother with checking the trends for these two keywords?”. Well my friend,  below that I find fascinating, as it demonstrates how trends affect the way people think and search.

Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing Google Trends Diagram

Google Trends: Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing

Less Internet and more digital

The above graph demonstrates how the popularity of Internet Marketing is decreasing while Digital Marketing is increasing. Now why is that happening? Well, marketing has reached beyond the world of Internet and is now available not only on your computer, but also on your mobile phone (cell phone for my international friends ;) ), Tablets, TV and other means of communications. I mean, digital marketing is Internet marketing, but also much more, as it uses more channels to reach people.

You can see that it’s still early days because the two lines on the graph haven’t met yet. However, give it some time and the two lines will cross. This is serious stuff as it shows how people are slowly moving away from Internet Marketing. What does this mean to Internet Marketers? Well, they will be forced to become digital marketers in order to survive.

Anyway, have another look at the graph (and cry, or laugh) and have a rethink about what you need to do to take advantage of this forthcoming opportunity.

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