Twitter Bio Optimization – Optimize Like Never Before

I have something to share with you, something that will take your Twitter bio to a whole new level! This is something many aren’t doing and it’s not being shared openly. I call it: Twitter bio optimization.

In my previous post about Twitter SEO Tips I mentioned that your Twitter bio is a space for your keywords, acting the same way as your meta tags do on your website. This doesn’t necessarily help you rank higher in search engines, however it will definitely add value to your Twitter bio.

Get Ready To Optimize Your Twitter Bio

Before we start, I want to show you how my Twitter bio previously looked like before I optimized my profile:

Twitter bio - old version

As you can see, my Twitter bio was pretty much standard; it described me in a nutshell as well as having some keywords.

I decided to go down the route of optimizing my Twitter bio; to really take advantage of what Twitter has provided. So I began my Twitter experimentation and my results were as followed:

Adding Hashtags to Your Twitter Bio

You can add hashtags to your Twitter bio just like you would do in your tweets. Not many are aware of this but this is good if you want to associate yourself with popular hashtags/trends.

When you click on the hashtags in your Twitter bio, you will be taken to the Twitter search like you would do with hashtags that are in your tweets. One thing to bear in mind is that your newly optimized ‘hashtagged’ Twitter bio will not help your profile appear in the Twitter search, like your tweets do.

Twitter Bio Hashtags

Adding URLs in Your Twitter Bio

Yes you can! Do you know what this means? It means you can have more than one URL on your Twitter profile by utilizing the space of your Twitter bio. Not many are aware of this. So you can promote your other websites or social profiles, such as your Facebook and Linkedin profiles. All you have to do is add your URL without any HTML and Twitter will automatically turn the text into an active link.

Twitter Bio URLs

Adding @mentions in Your Twitter Bio

Yes, this is something you can also do. This is perfect when you want to promote another Twitter account that you have or are associated with. You can also building your own little ‘link exchange circle’ with other Twitter users, just like some websites do with each other. Remember that you only have room for 160 characters.

twitter bio

Note: You can’t use HTML in your bio as Twitter will remove any HTML tags you attempt to insert.

Don’t Spam Your Twitter Bio, it’s Ugly!

Remember folks, don’t over do it and get too excited! Do everything in moderation. If you try and hashtag every single keyword in your bio, or put loads of weblinks, one after another, then it will look too spammy. No one likes a spam-looking Twitter profile. In fact, some people will find it difficult to read.

Twitter bio spam

The whole point of the Twitter bio is to tell the world what you’re about.
Remember: you only have space for 160 characters so it is vital to only put what you really need.

Alternating Your Twitter Bio On A Regular Basis

If you want to take your Twitter bio space to a whole new level, then perhaps you can try and change your bio on a daily or weekly basis. For instance every Friday you can have #FollowFriday, (or #FF) in your Twitter bio where you put your top tweeps of the week.

Another way of utilizing the space is to make deals with partners to promote their sites or Twitter profiles for a day/week/month etc and have them promoting you, or even charge people for the space to promote them ;)

If you have a hashtag, which you want to promote then take advantage of using your Twitter bio for maximum exposure. If other Twitter users find your hashtag relevant then most likely they will also use that hashtag. Before you know it, your hashtag may become a popular trending keyword.

Finally, you can also put special offers or competitions if you have regular followers visiting your profile. Your Twitter bio becomes like a ‘sticky’ tweet.

Twitter Bio Optimization Summary

Your Twitter profile bio is a place where people look to see what you do, so utilize this space effectively. Have a look at my Twitter bio (it’s nothing special but just to get you started) and do bear in mind that you have to optimize your profile depending on what you are trying to achieve.

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10 Responses to “Twitter Bio Optimization – Optimize Like Never Before”

  1. Bret Morgan says:

    Hey Firas.. you know, I was aware of this as I’ve seen other peoples bio’s with hashtags, @ mentions and follow fridays, ect… But somehow it just didn’t fully register to add these in my own bio until reading this here.. Which I saw tweeted by mutual follower @jwongjk.. I don’t think that this info has been written to death on other blogs.. at least I haven’t seen any others.. Hey thanks for writing it.. Dude you ROCK!

  2. PureSolo says:

    Hi Firas, one question, if you don’t show up in the search results, what is the real benefit of putting hashtags in your bio?

  3. David Fialk says:

    Hi! I’ve read a few other posts about the BIo in Twitter, but this was truly perfectly worded and easy to understand, follow and then update my Bio. Thanks for the great information!

  4. Tom says:

    I agree – finding the perfect balance between a readable/optimised bio is key to making the right impression!

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  6. Chris says:

    If you put a hashtag in your bio you are suggesting that people go search for something rather than focus on you. I cannot see the benefit unless you’ve invented a new hashtag and you want people to take a look at the tweets containing that hashtag.

    Incidentally thanks for the tip about additional URLs in the bio.

  7. Sunil Chhabra says:

    Great Trick ..Thanks for great help..

  8. Eric Johnson says:

    I’m a little late to this party, but excellent tips! Thank you.

  9. I’m also late to the party.

    I am trying to determine what are the benefits of having hashtags in your profile, so I stumbled on this article.

    Great tips, but I am still confused about hashtags in the bio. Why put them there if the bio won’t be shown in any search results.

    Only possible reason I can think of is to make a list of your interests with hashtags, so other people with similar interests would more likely to follow you.

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